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The Man Company Lightening Lip Balm for Dry, Chapped, Dark and Smoky Lips

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Item Form: Balm
Finish Type: Matte
Sun Protection: 15 SPF
Skin Type: All
Colour: Black
Product Benefits: Brightening
Flavour: Mint
Material Feature: Natural, Non Toxic
Material Type: Free Paraben Free Price: 249.00 (as of 02/01/2024 19:33 PST- Details)

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NO CHAPPED DRY LIPS: The balm not only smooth and exfoliate your lips by gently scrubbing away dead skin cells but nourishes your lips to a great extent.
RICH INGREDIENTS: Packed with Vitamin E and Liquorice Oil, our balm boasts a premium blend that nourishes, soothes, and shields your lips from the elements. Elevate your lip care routine with a product designed specifically for the needs of men.
LIGHTENS LIPS: Unveil a brighter, natural tone over time, effectively combating smokiness and enhancing your lip’s vibrancy. This lip balm for smoky lips is your trusted ally in achieving a naturally appealing look.
MOISTURISED & PLUMPED LIPS: Experience deep hydration that revitalises and plumps your lips, leaving them soft, irresistible, and free from the discomfort of dryness and chapping. It’s the ideal lip balm for men’s dry lips, providing the moisture they need.
NATUAL INGREDIENTS: Using this lip balm for dry and chapped lips generously and consistently ensures your lips are restored to their natural shade. The presence of natural ingredients makes it a perfect remedy for dark lips caused by tanning, sun damage, or smoking.


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1 review for The Man Company Lightening Lip Balm for Dry, Chapped, Dark and Smoky Lips

  1. Ryker (verified owner)

    The quality and price was perfect..liked it very much

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