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Sunsilk Shampoo for Fuller Hair, with Keratin, Yoghurt Protein & Macademia Oil

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Sunsilk Shampoo Lusciously Thick & Long , 1L, for Fuller Hair, with Keratin, Yoghurt Protein & Macademia Oil, Paraben-Free Price: 578.00 (as of 01/01/2024 18:32 PST- Details)



Sunsilk Shampoo Stunning Black Shine shampoo is for hair that shines like you do! Shiny hair boosts your confidence. Your hair are easier to manage & style. Grab, the nourishing hair care routine with the Sunsilk hair shampoo for women and men. It is your Time to Shine! Why should you choose Sunsilk Shampoo Lusciously Thick & Long  and what is the best way to use it? This exclusive formula, with Keratin Yoghurt Protein, revives your black hair, leaving your hair looking fuller, beautifully moisturized and mesmerizingly shiny. So go out and stay ready to shine any and every time with Sunsilk Thick&Long Shampoo! Buy Now! After washing your hair thoroughly take 2 to 3 drops of the shampoo, equal to size of a coin, on your palm. Then apply the shampoo gently massaging it all over your hair from the roots to the tips. Leave the shampoo in your hair for a couple of minutes & then rinse it off completely. Sunsilk Stunning Thick&Long Shampoo keeps your hair shiny through the day. Is the Sunsilk Thick&Long Shampoo enough for fully nourished hair? For best results follow up with use of Sunsilk Stunning Thick&Long conditioner. It comes with a revolutionary conditioner technology for manageable hair. Using a conditioner & using it correctly makes a difference. By conditioning your hair you are ensuring it behaves just like you want it to, every time you style it Based on lab test of volume with Sunsilk system vs. unclean hair Based on lab test on Sunsilk system vs. non conditioning shampoo

ACTIV-MIX: Sunsilk Thick & Long Shampoo comes with activ-mix that contains Keratin, Yoghurt Protein & Macademia Oil. Now with more fragrance! This shampoo by Sunsilk nourishes your hair from within, reduce breakage, add a stunning shine, conditions your scalp, and help with healthy growth.
INGREDIENTS: Sunsilk shampoo contains some of the best ingredients for healthy hair care. Consistent use of this hair shampoo offers you various benefits for a long time. Keratin is known as the building block for hair, Yoghurt Protein is known for its nourishing properties and Macademia Oil is known for reducing hair breakage.
LONG LASTING SHINE: The formula used in sunsilk thick&long shampoo works best to deeply nourish your hair. This hair shampoo for women and men helps revive hair strands. This lengthens and strengthens hair with consistent used that gives shine for upto 24 hours*
NO ADDED PARABENS: The Sunsilk hair shampoo comes with no added parabens. A nourishing shampoo is a vital part of a healthy hair care routine. Added parabens in hair products can cause dryness of the scalp, irritation, and even hair loss in some cases. Paraben free shampoos are the way to go!
PETA APPROVED: The growing hair care industry is protecting dry and damaged hair well. However, animal testing offsets the shampoo’s benefits. However, Sunsilk Thick&Long Shampoo is a Cruelty-free hair shampoo. It helps nourish your hair and your soul.
COMPLETE THE REGIME: Sunsilk shampoo is already nourishing. However, for best results, follow up your hair shampoo routine with Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Conditioner to hydrate your hair from the outside. Additionally use hair oils and hair masks at least once a week.


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