Asian Seemandhar Nylon Stamp Making Machine

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Timer & Circuit : Digital Timer & Micro process based circuit with digital controller Price: 14,399.00 (as of 01/01/2024 18:32 PST- Details)



Polymer Stamp Exposing Machine (Commonly Known as Rubber Stamp Machine or Nylon Stamp Machine) Model : Midas 12/8 Manufacturer : Asian Seemandhar, Pune, India Contact Warranty : 1 Year warranty with online service support for 12 Months, Warranty Support No. Product Features : You can make best quality polymer rubber stamps in 3 easy steps, this machine helps you to make all kind of Polymer / Nylon / Rubber stamps with easy procedure, in less time,due to advanced technology used in machine This machine has double side tube lights which help you to avoid unwanted steps of Turing glasses again & again to expose the stamps in one go, you can expose both the side of stamps. Raw material required : Raw material like Polymer gel, Handles, Subsheet, Film & Rest all material are available on our Website Or at whatsapp No. you can buy raw material from company on phone .

Operation Area : 10″ x 5″

Operation Area : Only one table space or Place measuring 5 Feet x 5 Feet is sufficient to operate entire procedure. Stamp Production Capacity : 25-30 Stamps at a time, you get the freedom to expose minimum 1 steps, in case you have less no. of stamps order.

Production Time : 30 Minutes to produce average 50 stamps At a time minimum stamp production Capacity : 1 stamps maximum stamp production capacity : 30 Stamps per stamp average production cost : (9 Rs. to 11 Rs. including all) No. of tubes used in Machine : 8 Ultra violet tubes / each side & No. Each 8 watt tube no. of chokes : 4 – High Efficiency, First grade electronic choker. tube size : 12″ Ultra Violet tubes (Hitachi / Toshiba).

Timer & Circuit : Digital Timer & Micro process based circuit with digital controller



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    Very Good Quality Products..

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