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In a country where cooking is an art form and flavors are king, having a reliable kitchen chimney is a must-have for any home cook. With so many brands and models to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which one is the best for your kitchen. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the top kitchen chimney brands in India for 2024 to help you make an informed decision.


Faber is a well-known brand in the kitchen appliance industry, and their range of kitchen chimneys is no exception. With sleek designs, powerful suction capabilities, and easy-to-clean filters, Faber chimneys are a popular choice among Indian consumers. Whether you’re looking for a wall-mounted chimney or a built-in model, Faber has something for every kitchen.

Here are some key points about Faber chimneys:

  1. Product Range and Features:
    • Faber offers a variety of kitchen chimneys, including electric, modular, and wall/ceiling-mounted chimneys, catering to different kitchen setups and cooking needs.
    • The brand provides innovative features such as triple layer filters with cut-and-clean technology for effective suction with zero clogging, and hassle-free auto clean technology.
  2. Why Choose Faber:
    • Faber is highly focused on research and development, leading to the invention of advanced technologies in kitchen appliances.
    • The brand is known for its commitment to innovative designs, concepts, and excellent after-sale services, which have won the hearts of its customers.
  3. Product Availability:
    • Faber kitchen chimneys are available for purchase online from popular shopping sites, as well as from the Faber website itself.
    • Customers can choose from a range of models, including auto clean, filterless, baffle filter, island, wall mount, and ductless chimneys in various sizes.
  4. Construction and Installation:
    • Faber’s one-piece construction chimney design sets it apart from other brands, offering easy installation and a refined look.
    • The brand’s chimneys are designed for simple, adjustable, and safe installation, providing a positive customer experience.
  5. Price Range:
    • Faber offers a diverse price range for its chimneys, catering to different budget preferences.
    • Customers can find Faber chimneys at various price points, with different features and warranties, allowing for flexibility in selection.

Faber’s commitment to innovation, product variety, and customer satisfaction makes it a popular choice for those seeking high-quality kitchen chimneys.

Faber 60 cm 1500 m³/hr Autoclean Kitchen Chimney, 12Yr Warranty on Motor(2Yr Comprehensive), Autoclean Alarm, Mood L

Faber 60 cm 1350 m³/hr Slant, Filterless Auto Clean Chimney,12Yr Warranty on Motor (2Yr Comprehensive), Itailan Design


Elica is another trusted name in the world of kitchen chimneys, known for their innovative technology and stylish designs. Their chimneys come equipped with features like auto-clean technology, touch controls, and energy-efficient LED lighting. Elica chimneys are a great choice for those who want a blend of functionality and aesthetics in their kitchen.

Elica is a prominent brand in the kitchen chimney industry, offering a range of high-tech and efficient chimneys designed to enhance the cooking experience and maintain a clean and healthy kitchen environment. Here are some key features and aspects of Elica chimneys:

  1. High-Tech Features:
    • Elica wall-mount range hoods are equipped with advanced features such as voice assistant and the Elica Connect App, allowing users to control the hood, adjust aspiration power, and lighting through their smartphones.
    • The Multi-d capture feature, a fluid-dynamic system, enhances fume capture, and the Long Life Filters are regenerable for up to 3 years, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  2. Efficient Aspiration:
    • Elica chimneys are designed to provide efficient aspiration in the kitchen, ensuring the removal of steam, fumes, and odors released during the cooking process.
    • The aspiration surface is distributed along the entire perimeter of the appliance, contributing to improved fume capture.
  3. Maintenance and Cleaning:
    • Elica chimneys feature Long Life Filters that can be washed in the dishwasher or with neutral detergent and hot water, and then dried in the oven at 100 degrees, simplifying maintenance operations.
    • The Elica Connect App provides regular updates on the range hood status, alerting the user when it’s time to clean or replace filters.
  4. Product Range:
    • Elica offers a wide range of kitchen chimneys, including wall-mounted models designed to meet the requirements of modern families, blending looks and utility.
    • The brand provides chimney models in different sizes, offering flexibility and suitability for various kitchen spaces and cooking needs.
  5. User-Friendly Design:
    • Elica chimneys are designed to fit into any interior and ensure that the kitchen is clean by removing unpleasant odors, with some models featuring a touch control panel for user convenience.
    • Certain models of Elica electric chimneys have a heat auto-clean feature that uses the heating method to clear out sticky oil particles from the chimney, with the waste collected in the oil collector placed below the chimney.

Elica 60 cm 1425 m3/hr Autoclean Kitchen Chimney with Brushless DC Motor (WDAT HAC 60 MS BLDC NERO, 2 Baffle Filters, Touch + Motion Sensor Control, Black)

Elica 60 cm 1350 m3/hr Autoclean Baffle Filter Kitchen Chimney with 15 Years Warranty (BFCG 600 HAC LTW MS NERO)


Hindware is a household name in India, and their range of kitchen chimneys is a testament to their reputation for quality and reliability. Hindware chimneys come in various sizes and styles to suit different kitchen layouts, and their advanced filters ensure that your kitchen remains smoke and odor-free. With Hindware, you can cook with peace of mind knowing that your kitchen is well-ventilated.

Hindware Appliances offers a range of chimneys designed to provide a smoke-free and healthy cooking experience. Here are some key features and aspects of Hindware chimneys:

  1. Design and Technology:
    • Hindware chimneys are a unique blend of futuristic design and cutting-edge technology, crafted using superior materials and designed with modern contemporary aesthetics in mind 1.
    • The range includes various types of chimneys such as Island Hoods, Designer Hoods, Decorative Hoods, Auto Clean Hoods, and Straight Line Hoods, catering to different kitchen spaces and preferences.
  2. Features:
    • Some models, like the Optimus i-Pro BLDC 90, come with advanced features such as IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity, MaxX Silence 2.0, Smart Auto clean feature, Smart IoT & Wifi direct features, Slide Control display panel, MaxX Suction of 1900 m3/hr Airflow, Energy Efficient BLDC Motor, Metallic Oil Collector, Metallic Blower, Filterless Technology, Touch Control with Motion Sensor, Energy efficient LED lamps, and Real Time Digital Clock.
    • The chimneys are equipped with innovative 2-D filter technology to keep the kitchen environment free from grease, smoke, and residue, ensuring a clean and healthy cooking space.
  3. Cleaning and Maintenance:
    • Hindware electric chimneys are integrated with thermal auto clean technology that cleans the oil and residue formed inside the motor with just one touch, making cleaning efficient and convenient.
    • Certain models feature filter-less technology, reducing the need for frequent filter replacements and ensuring a smoke-free cooking experience.
  4. User-Friendly Design:
    • Hindware chimneys are designed to offer a pleasurable cooking experience, preventing the kitchen from getting greasy stains and grime, with options like push buttons and energy-efficient LED lights for a brightly lit and clean kitchen area.
    • The range includes options like Hindware ductless chimney, Hindware filterless auto clean chimney, and Hindware motion sensor chimney, catering to different user preferences and budgets.

Hindware Smart Appliances Nadia IN 90 cm 1500 m³/hr Stylish Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney With Metallic Oil Collector, Motion Sensor & Touch Control For Easy Operation


Glen is a brand that is known for its durability and performance when it comes to kitchen appliances, and their chimneys are no exception. Glen chimneys are equipped with powerful motors, baffle filters, and heat-resistant tempered glass canopies to ensure maximum efficiency. Whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, Glen has a chimney that will suit your needs.

Glen Chimneys are renowned kitchen appliances that enhance the functionality of your modular kitchen. Let me share some details about them:

  • Features:
    • Pyramid shape with a single baffle filter.
    • Push-button control for ease of operation.
    • Baffle filter for better performance.
    • Powerful Italian motor with thermal overload protector.
    • An airflow of 1000 m³/hr keeps the kitchen fresh.
    • Lifetime Warranty..
  1. Glen 6060 BL AC 60 Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney:
    • Sporting a curved glass design with a filterless feature.
    • Heating-based auto-clean mechanism ensures convenience.
    • Equipped with a motion sensor.

Glen Chimneys are trusted in Indian kitchens for their advanced technology, durability, and elegant design. Whether you need to keep your kitchen smoke-free or eliminate odors, Glen has you covered!


When it comes to investing in a kitchen chimney, it’s important to choose a brand that you can trust to deliver quality, performance, and durability. The top kitchen chimney brands in India for 2024, including Faber, Elica, Hindware, and Glen, have consistently proven themselves to be leaders in the industry. By choosing a chimney from one of these brands, you can ensure that your kitchen remains clean, smoke-free, and odor-free for years to come.


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