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Pack of 10 Solar Panel Combo -540 watt Mono PERC + 5kW (1 Inverter) On Grid Solar Inverter.

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Product Dimensions: 2.28L x 1.13W x 0.04H Meters
Efficiency: High Efficiency
Included Components: Manual card, 10 SOLAR PANELS (WSMD 540), 5kW On Grid solar inverter
Maximum Power: 540 Watts Price: 199,999.00 (as of 02/01/2024 19:33 PST- Details)


Product Details: 1. 5kW Single Phase On-Grid Inverter: – Power Rating: 5kW (5000 Watts) – Phase: Single Phase – Grid Type: On-Grid (Grid-Tied) – Efficiency: High efficiency to maximize power conversion – Features: Advanced monitoring and protection capabilities – Warranty: Manufacturer’s standard warranty 2. 540Wp Solar Module: – Power Rating: 540Wp (Watt-peak) – Type: Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Module – Efficiency: High conversion efficiency to harness more sunlight – Dimensions: Standard dimensions for easy installation – Warranty: Manufacturer’s standard warranty for performance and durability Combo Offer: The 5kW Single Phase On-Grid Inverter and 540Wp Solar Module are carefully selected to complement each other, ensuring optimal performance and energy production for your solar power system.

Increased Energy Generation: The high-efficiency solar module combined with the advanced inverter technology will help you harness more solar energy, leading to increased electricity production.
Cost-Effectiveness: Our combo offer ensures that you receive a competitive price for both the inverter and solar module, making it a cost-effective choice for your solar power system.
Easy Installation: The products are designed for easy installation and compatibility, reducing installation time and costs.
Grid Connectivity: The on-grid inverter allows you to seamlessly connect your solar power system to the grid, enabling you to export excess energy and earn feed-in tariffs or credits.
Reliable Performance: Our products are backed by manufacturer warranties, providing you with peace of mind regarding their reliability and durability.
This type of inverter is designed to work with single-phase electrical systems, which are commonly found in residential properties and small commercial buildings.
The 5kW rating indicates its capacity to handle up to 5,000 watts of power output. It will convert the direct current (DC) electricity produced by the solar module into alternating current (AC) suitable for use in your electrical system or to be fed back into the grid.
On-grid inverters synchronize with the utility grid, allowing excess electricity to be fed back into the grid and often enabling users to earn credits or receive compensation for the surplus energy.

1 review for Pack of 10 Solar Panel Combo -540 watt Mono PERC + 5kW (1 Inverter) On Grid Solar Inverter.

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    Good quality.

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