Headlamp WIRING KIT FOR BIKES | For 100/90 Watt H4 Bulbs in Bikes

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Headlamp WIRING KIT FOR BIKES | For 100/90 Watt H4 Bulbs in Bikes | Prevents Headlight Beam Fluctuations | Heavy Duty Cables

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VAISHNU ENGINEERS PVT LTD – Leaders in the Automobile Industry Since 1971. Tier-1 O.E.M. Suppliers before entering the Aftermarket Segment. VAISHNU H4 Wiring kit for Bikes is SUITABLE FOR ALL BIKES & Designed Specifically to Support Higher Loads of H4 Bulb Wattage when users Upgrade to 100/90 Watts for their Bikes. The Factory Fitted Wiring Cables for your Bikes are Designed to handle the Load of Only Stock Bulbs i.e. 60/55 Watts in most cases. When Users Upgrade the Bulbs to 100/90 Watts or 130/100 Watts, it puts additional Load on the Bike’s Wiring System by virtue of Greater Flow of Current & more Heat being Produced by these Higher Wattage Bulbs. In this case our VAISHNU Wiring Kit can be used as A Plug & Play Option to bypass the Electrical System of your bikes and Put the Load on our Wiring kit which is Specifically Designed to Handle and Provide Best Performance because of the High Quality Components being used. As a Result of this, The life of your Bulbs Increases. You experience no Heating of Wires and Bulb Connectors. Lastly, your Bulbs are Provided full Capacity Current from the Battery through our Wiring kit to Provide the Maximum Brightness from the Bulbs being used. There is another Issue that our VAISHNU Wiring kit solves. When Riding a Bike, Majority of Riders experience Fluctuations in Intensity of Headlight Beam becoming Dim or Brightening Depending upon the Accelerator Input. So when they Accelerate the Intensity Increases, When they Brake or Leave the Throttle it starts to get dim or Faded. VAISHNU Wiring Kit Provides Solution from this very Common Issue by Providing Constant Voltage Supply to the Bulbs irrespective of whether the Bike is in Acceleration or Deceleration Phase. Providing Best Visibility with Existing Headlight Setup is achieved by using the VAISHNU Wiring kit. Consider it an almost mandatory Upgrade which is Sure to Increase your CONFIDENCE & SAFETY While Riding. A 100% MADE IN INDIA PRODUCT.

Relay in 12V/ 65 Amps/ 800 Watts to withstand 100/90 OR 130/100 Watt Bulbs.
All Wiring in Best Cables in India – High Copper Density provides smooth Current Flow
1 ‘VAISHNU’ H4 Bulb Holder (World’s Best) In Bakelite for 130/100 & 100/90 Watt Bulbs – NO MELTING/ NO FUSING: Guaranteed
2 Piano Type Fuse Holders which can absorb immense Heat
Imported Highest Quality Fuses of Pacific Japan.



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    Very well worth the money.

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